Through the night beauty she gazed, holding a pen and a paper filled of promises he made

how can she be in the immense cage of lies?

dare she call this pain?

dare she say anything to thy loss?

she never awakened from the fall, the rise is blinding to the bleeding eyes

carving his every last word into her body, it wasn’t hers anymore

how can a moth survive without a light?

no, she did not survive

she stood still in time, a time tearing her heart apart

dare she call it a heart?

dare she open her eyes?

in a foggy lake she swam, chocking on the thickened liquid that held her down

hands were reaching, pulling her to death

dare she struggle?

dare she try?

with a dark covered soul

and a stitched mouth

with a deformed body

and whitened eyes

she wanders half chained, half alive

torn in the unknown,

she did not die.

""Depression can seem worse than terminal cancer, because most cancer patients feel loved and they have hope and self-esteem."
-David D. Burns."


She sat by the shadows, 
Under the rain,
No one noticed,
 No one knew her pain.

 Day after day,
 She suffered alone,
From her ghostly pale lips,
 She smothered a moan.

Gritting her teeth,
She faced the cold,
She dwelt in the darkness,
She had no where to go.

 Just standing there,
For the darkness to take,
 She almost stopped breathing,
 Her life is at stake.

A few moments left,
Her memories flashed by,
She was dying, no doubt,
 Its time to say goodbye.

The twilight in her eyes,
The dawn in his,
She had given up,
While the world was his.

He watched the sun rise,
 And bathed in all its glory,
Never had it crossed his mind,
 A single thought of misery.

A lifetime of happiness,
Had past them by, His memories,
though, were stolen,
 If he knew, he'd rather die.

Lost in time,
In a floating world,
Endless dreams,
Drift and tear at the seams.

They both made a choice,
 To die in their own way,
 One cloaked in shadows,
 The other kept at bay.

She chose her memories,
And suffered pure pain,
He chose to feel nothing,
And had forgotten his way.

In your opinion,
Which was more tragic?
To live like a lifeless zombie?
Or die as a block of fate?

Undo my sins
Hate me for my half emptied glass
take away the smell of sorrow
Help them chain me
Cut, break, and blame me
I might never heal
You shouldn’t have appeared
Now leave

I can

I will

I shall